Sex in Marriage

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 Todays world of hustle/bustle and things that take up all your time is not pleasing to God if the husband and wife are not trying to please each other with love and desire. 

We should not put our interest (or disinterest) in having sex to be the controling factor of whether we make love to our mate. There should be an active sexual life in the marriage. Neither the husband nor wife has the authority in a Godly marriage to deprive the other sexually. One of the worse things that can be done in the arena of sex in a marriage is to deny sexual relations in order to manipulate or punish the other.


Many of us enter marriage having no clue how to manage money. What is mine, what is yours, and what is ours? Communication with your spouse is very important in the area of finances. Debt, bills and unaticipated household emergencies can definitely put pressure on a marriage. There are some simple, straightforward principles from the Word of God that are directly applicable to the attitude and management of money. If you find yourself in a financial fix after marriage, you can still learn and apply these principles, often saving your marriage as a result.

Principles of Money: It comes from God; its not your possession. Ps. 24:1; 1Chron. 29:11-12; 1 Co. 4:7

It should not be your focus to accumulate. Mt. 6:19,20 & 16:26; Lk. 12:15, 20,21; Prov. 15:16,17 1Tim. 6:4,9,17-19; Phil. 3:7-9

It should be given to support the ministry of God and given to others. 2Co. 9:6-12; Lk. 6:38; Prov. 14:21 & 22:9

It should be budgeted to live within your means.

Prov. 6:1-3, 20:18, 22:7, Lk.14:28.

If you are in debt already, work together to get out of debt, seeking counsel if needed. Prov. 13:11, 14:23.